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Today we are going to discuss an issue of WordPress. You know WP is awesome to run but first you should have to make adequate changes to your needs and perform some basic tweaks. One of these tweaks is WordPress Ping that most bloggers don’t even know.

Ping Issue:

WordPress is an awesome platform for blogging but at the point of pinging it has a great flaw. If you are using WordPress for a long time without any knowledge of ping or without making any changes to its update service then you may be marked as spam by those ping servers. If so then you are losing some precious traffic.



So what? If you don’t care then let’s discuss about ping.

What is Ping?

Ping is function that notifies ping servers that new content has been added to your blog. This will include your blog in “Recently Updated Blogs” list of ping servers. Note that, while pinging it only sends homepage URL that is it can’t or don’t points to the updated post exactly.

Advantage of Pinging:

  • Getting quickly indexed by search engines
  • To get some traffic
  • To get inlinks from blogs
  • Technorati and search engine bots spider your site

Do you know?

  • Why do blogs attract more traffic than ordinary websites?
  • Why blogs are more powerful than ordinary/static websites?
  • Why blogs are indexed quickly than other websites?

The answer is because of the ability to ping.

How Does WordPress Do That?

We need to ping when we post a new article and WordPress do so, that’s fair. But when we update a published post it pings again. WordPress do pings each time you update a post. That is if you update your post several times while editing it makes several pings.


Then suppose you have made 30 future posts using timestamp function for different 30 days. In that case it pings 30 times when you just hit the published button even though all those posts haven’t yet appeared in your blog. Then when those posts will appear in your blog in future it won’t send any more ping. (NOTE: This problem has been fixed from WordPress 2.1)

This type of behavior will put you in the spam list of ping aggregators. So we need a fix to have this feature working.

WordPress Ping Solution:

Using the awesome feature of WordPress i.e. the ability to use different types of plugin we will fix this issue. Remember all the plugins released before WordPress 2.1 won’t work no longer as there was a dramatic change in pinging codes since WordPress 2.1. Because of that all these plugins don’t work anymore:

  • WP Cron Future Ping
  • Ping Fix

So which plugin should I use in these case? Well, it’s up to you, but our suggestion is:

These plugins are almost same. Main feature of this 3 plugins are:

  • When a new post has been published for the first time your blog will ping.
  • When any published post has been edited it will never. You are free to update it as many times as you need.
  • When you post a future post using time stamp, it will ping only when the post appears in your blog.

MaxBlogPress (MBP) Ping Optimizer is the best one I think. It requires one time free registration for their newsletter, but you can unsubscribe from that anytime you wish. There was a mad war in WordPress support forum about MBP Ping Optimizer 2 years ago. You may read this clicking here. You can also activate the plugin without registration using another plugin called cbnet MBP Auto-Activate but I request you to don’t do so.



Safest Way:

The safest way is to disable the ping service from WordPress and enable when you post anything for the first time. To do so go to Settings > Writing from your Dashboard and delete the URL from Update Services box. When you need to ping again put that URL back again.


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